Suppliers & Manufacturers Overview

Sell your products through SubbCourier and reach millions of customers.

When you sell your products through SubbСourier, we become a Freight Forwarder of your products. With SubbС, you can start selling your products to hundreds of customers in Middle East & North Africa (MENA). SubbСourier receives or collects products directly from Manufacturers and Sellers, handles shipping costs, merchandising, customer service, and customer returns.

To be eligible to sell your products, you must have a valid license of your company. You can send the copy of your valid license to [email protected]. This will help us to process your payment procedures without any delays. The validity of the license will be rechecked with accounts team on each transaction.

We align with sellers and manufacturers who can provide quality products to help our customers.

Once selected, SubbСourier customers’orders products from these sellers and manufacturers to be shipped to the consolidation hubs. From there, products are sent to customers the same day the order is placed, typically via Professional Couriers and Reputable Logistics Companies. As the professional Industrial Marketplace of Middle East & North Africa (MENA) our sellers and manufacturers are critical to our success. Together, we help customers save time and money by providing them with the right product at the right time.

Sellers and Manufacturers also benefit from having their products and brands promoted in SubbCourier marketing vehicles, including our sales force and website.

We work with Sellers and Manufacturers to provide a continuous flow of accurate and timely performance information to ensure a smooth supply chain. Every year, we recognize suppliers who have met or exceeded our rigorous performance metrics.


SubbCourier invites Sellers and Manufacturers for selling and promoting their products.

Benefits using SubbCourier platform for Supplier and Manufacturers:

  • Products appear to customers as Sold by “Your Company Name”.
  • The Products appears online with prices and MOQ “Minimum Order Quantity” that your company determines.
  • Free shipping from your facility to SubbCourier HUBs or directly to SubbCourier’s customers. The customer is charged for all the freights costs and charged separately.
  • Transparency and Visibility of Technical Characteristics of each product, including product’s data sheets, weights, dimensions and MSDS’s in some cases.
  • Transparency and Visibility by the Buyers of all your contacts.
  • Buyers can directly contact you through the platform. Your contacts are appeared in the platform. That’s why we suggest Sellers/Manufacturers to keep your Company Profile Page updated.
  • More than 500000 visits by buyers and engineers for products review and further purchase.
  • Recruiting and Promoting of new products by sending the presentations to existing customers.
  • Minimizing clarifications from clients in terms of Technical and Commercial evaluation.
  • Minimizing mail correspondence with the clients for Quotation Requests. All Prices are open for review.
  • In case of direct purchase of existing clients from manufacturer directly SubbCourier will not have any objections. We always respect our manufacturers and sellers interests.

To start selling on, go to Create An Account.

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