Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series Ambulance AC DSL -13 STR 2013 YM TOYOTA TROOPI – (Base Vehicle+ Vehicle Armoring+ Ambulance Conversion)

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Base Vehicles
TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 78 H/T AC DSL -13 STR 2013 YM TOYOTA LC TROOPS -TOYOTA LC TROOPI – (Base Vehicle+ Vehicle Armoring+ Ambulance Conversion)

Body and General Construction for AMBULANCE CONVERSION

Driver Cabin

  • Storage Module to Floor between the 2 front seats – powder coated aluminium

Hand Break Alarm

  • Red arc hand brake Activates if driver’s door is opened and handbrake not applied


  • Window Tinting to all rear compartment windows, ambulance grade
  • Frosting to all rear compartment

Climate Control

  • Air conditioning evaporator/blower to patient compartment, running off OEM compressor

i.e. cabin pressurisation.



  • Timber floor with non-slip one-piece vinyl cover, sealed at all edges
  • Trim strips to front edge and side door entry
  • Stainless steel rear trim plate, profiled and including a folding ramp to assist with stretcher loading


The attendant seat beside stretcher justified over nearside wheel arch c/w laps hash seat belt & canvas seat cover


  • Sinex Panels to nearside wall
  • Aluminum panels to the offside wall & rear doors


Nearside Cabinet

  • Soft pack storage locker behind the attendant seat, one shelf, Seat belt strap for securing luggage etc to top

Ø  Glove holder to front of soft pack locker (above and behind attendant seat)

  • Workstation behind co-driver seat, c/w 2 lockable drawers, open storage at floor level and restraint for a Lifepak 15 to top surface
  • Patient records sleeve to near-side wall adjacent to observers seat
  • Grab rail (stainless steel) to side door opening
  • C cylinder Oxy retention under grab & go

Offside Cabinet

  • Restraint for 2 x D sized Oxygen Cylinders to the wall behind the wheel arch c/w Access to the washer bottle fill point
  • Mounting bracket for relocation of the rear washer bottle
  • Floor locker to wall ahead of the oxygen cylinders with clear perspex
  • IV hooks x 2 to parcel shelf

External Roof

  • Alternate roof pod for storage of Kendrick Extrication device, scoop stretcher, spine board, traction splint, Stokes litter basket & exhaust jack (supplied FIA by Aspen medical) Also mounting point for emergency lights, scene lights, aerials etc
  • Rhino roof racks

Fire Protection

  • 5 kg Fire extinguisher in patient compartment
  • 5 kg Fire extinguisher in driver’s compartment

Oxygen Fitting

Ø  Oxy inlet to rear pillar

  • Plumbing from inlet to Oxy outlets x 2 to patient
  • Oxy Hand Wheel kit for connection from Oxygen bottle regulators to vehicles plumbed oxygen
  • Baxter suction pump and cardinal canister


  • All connections to be soldered where possible, harness connections to be
  • Deutsch type, external wiring to be in spiral wrap and sealed against ingress of dust and
  • All wiring to be protected from potential wear where it runs through access holes – grommets to be used
  • No Stick on wiring harness clamps to be used
  • No cable ties to be used externally – rubber coated steel cable clamps to be used
  • All extra accessories wired though a blade type fuses, Hella 8723 (sealed) or similar
  • All extra accessory switches to be Ashdown type 56-90054 or similar
  • Reconfigure OEM cigarette lighter outlet in front compartment to include a plastic cover – label to be 12V POWER SUPPLY
  • Alanco battery isolator located between fuse box and
  • Auxiliary start battery (only to be used for emergency starting power supply) and tray to be installed under bonnet, c/w charge control circuits and switch to dash for emergency start
  • 240V-12V Durst Dual Battery Smart Charger
  • Connection point for external battery charger to bull bar
  • Fasco Fan fitted to rear compartment
  • 12v to 240v inverter c/w GPO & RCD protection
  • Siren speaker & amp, swithced to Hazard control unit
  • Retention & power for Waeco 11 litre fridge



  • Headlights ‘on’ Headlights to operate on ‘Lo’ beam independently of switch with 10 second delay when engine is started
  • 2 x hi-level combination tail lamps mounted to the rear
  • 6 x LED Spotlights floodlights to each corner of the Ambulance & one at midpoint of vehicle on both sides – mounted on roof racks, separate switching to drivers
  • 2 x 600mm Strip LED lights to ceiling of patient
  • 3 x LED map reading lights, one on driver’s side and the other on the passenger’s side & one over the attendant seat
  • Audible reverse beeper mounted under the rear
  • Two (2) LED Amber beacons fitted to the roof assembly, connected to single switch mounted on the dashboard
  • Two (2) 100w driving lights to front bulbar
  • Two (2) 50w fog lamps to front bull bar
  • 1 x red & 1 x Blue LED to bulbar, these are only to activate when the siren is activated
  • 1 x red & 1 x Blue LED to front roof bar
  • 1 x red & 1 x Blue LED to rear roof bar
  • Hazard control unit to dash for all emergency functions
  • Siren speaker & amp, switched to Hazard control unit






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