Thermoquiet 100 sq. ft. 4 ft. x 25 ft. x 1/8 in. 5 in 1 Thermal Acoustic Insulated Underlayment

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TQ Silent Silver is a one of kind multi-layer acoustic and cushion underlayment, and is designed to perform in both residential and heavy traffic commercial environments. Product can be floated, or glue one or two sides for commercial applications. The products has been designed with the highest quality materials to address several of the key issues facing carpet, wood and ceramic underlay in today’s demanding installations- over concrete- plywood and even steel decking. A unique four layer lamination gives TQ Silent Silver unparalleled strength, tear and shear resistance and exceptional wear resistance. Add to this the integrated self-adhesive attachment connector strip and vapor barrier, and you have an all-in-one quick easy install solution for. TQ Silent Silver Acoustic Underlay’s dual density foam lamination layers provides not only superior long term cushioning and product wear ability, but exceptional acoustic numbers Δ20- STC 68, an integrated radiant foil middle layer that promotes heat retention within the conditioned space, and limits heat gain from upper or lower floors. Please note that this product should NOT be used over radiant heated concrete floors.

  • Improve your living environment, reduce your heating cost
  • 5 in one underlay solution
  • Certified vapor barrier, certified thermal barrier, certified acoustic barrier
  • Dual density foam for superior cushioning and wear resistance
  • Ideal for laminate, engineered wood and carpet floors
  • Cushion layer improves sound and thermal insulation properties while reducing standing fatigue
  • Sound ratings – STC 66 I lIC 68 and delta 20
  • Reflective foil bottom layer reflects heat back into the room in winter
  • ThermoQuiet offers a continuous thermal break across the entire floor
  • Meets code requirements for residential and high rise applications
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) – no off-gassing
  • Can be glued -1 or 2 side or floated
  • Easy to install, with integrated lip and tape for quick vapor-tight lap joints
  • Note: this product must not be used above radiant floor heating



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