Clients and Partners

Clients:’s diverse customer base is comprised of facilities maintenance professionals from businesses and institutions of all sizes.

  • Oil and Gas Operators.
  • Offshore and Onshore Oil companies
  • Oil & Gas suppliers
  • Factories and Production Facilities.
  • Drilling Companies.
  • Well Control Engineers
  • EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction Companies)
  • Integrated Supply Chain Companies
  • Heavy manufacturing customers are usually involved in petro/chemicals, lumber, primary metals and rubber industries.
  • Contractor customers include contracting firms involved in maintaining and repairing existing facilities.
  • Commercial customers include fleet vehicle maintenance, asset management and cleaning.
  • Individuals : Engineers, Procurement Specialist & Purchasers



SubbСourier accepts that there is no success without open book partnership.

  • Manufacturers
  • Dealers
  • Distributors
  • Agents
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