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Subbcourier.com Introduction

Launched in 2013, SubbCourier.com is the Industrial online platform for Industrial Wholesale and Retail Trade in MENA region. We serve thousands of buyers and suppliers around the MENA Region.

SubbCourier supports Buyers find the right products to keep their facilities up and running and allows Manufacturers and Sellers in the MENA region to sell their products through SubbCourier.com.

SubbCourier does not mark up any fees for the products. The costs and details of products are uploaded by Sellers and Manufacturers and sold for the same cost without any margins and hidden fees.

SubbCourier’s customers are expected to be thousands of professionals, businesses and institutions in more than 20 countries.

Each customer has a unique facility to operate and a different problem to solve and that is where our Company get into the clients concerns by providing a quick and easy access to the products that are being required.

With more than 1000 reputable Partners, the SubbCourier team works closely with customers to better understand their challenges and provide cost-saving solutions. Our team members serve customers every day through all available channels by providing a friendly customer tool that can assist buyers in finding products and suppliers speedily and efficiently.

Buyers and Sellers for these products are located in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and Other Africans Countries exchanging hundreds of thousands of messages with each other on the platform each day.

If you want suitability, accuracy and easy access to suppliers and manufacturers, SubbCourier is the answer to your needs.

MENA Sourcing

SubbCourier brings you millions of products in over 100 different major categories, including consumer Auto & Heavy Equipment, Spare Parts, Drilling, Oil & Gas Supplies, Electrical & Power Supplies, Components, Industrial Supplies, and Protection & Security.

Shipping methods are set up by our logistics team and partners; you are also advised to directly contact the supplier for more information if needed. To contact the supplier, you may go to the product detail page and click “Ask Owner” to send a message and review Seller’s Profile, Contacts.


Logistics & Delivery Solutions

SubbCourier.com’s Logistics & Delivery Service helps Buyers and Sellers to handle their products delivery on any required delivery terms and methods.

If you feel the shipping fee and lead time is not convenient for an item you would like to order, you may contact the supplier regarding shipping cost. Or you may also choose alternative shipping methods to lower the shipping cost.

Our Customer Service handles all inquiries for Logistics & Delivery queries.

You can contact us if you need to reschedule delivery or with any other questions you may have by sending it to [email protected]

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